Thinking about my time spent on this NPR’s Next Generation Radio, I have learned to reach out and depend on others. Normally, I adapt to different situations in my efforts to become a journalist. During this project I found myself not only uncomfortable and challenged, but also completely ignorant of how to: edit audio, mix sound and utilize certain tools effectively.

Fortunately, My mentor Quinton, Traci, Doug, Selena, Sam, Alexis and everyone else was there. The entire team supported and educated me and were available at a moment’s notice. Not only did they guide me, but they also held me accountable, demanded the highest quality in journalistic integrity and helped me construct what I honestly believe is the best story I have ever written. Not only did they facilitate my accomplishing this task, but they did it for five other people simultaneously and seamlessly. I am now a proud member of the NextGen community, and I am ecstatic about my future in journalism.

This is the longest shortest week of my life. The connections I made, the stories and wisdom that were shared, and the patience of the entire Next Generation Radio community were incredibly valuable. I learned a huge amount of passion, perseverance and leadership exists in the journalism community. The ways the stories of the mentees intersect with one another and the positivity that each story brings will continue to inspire me to fight for change and tell the personal stories of those doing good work in a harsh world.

I am grateful for the experiences that could never be replicated by any other group of dedicated individuals. It was a fast-paced, fun, challenging perspective-altering collaboration. I will use everything I learned and share what I have learned with others in the industry. Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication. You are champions!!!

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